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Virtually invisible treatment gives you a stress-free journey to a beautiful smile in as little as 6 months
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Eat and drink the food you want while Invisalign clear aligners gradually straighten your smile
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No need to worry about brackets, wires, rubber bands, and food restrictions
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Green Leaf Dental is a Platinum-Level Invisalign Provider, and uses iTero digital scanners to avoid uncomfortable, goopy impressions
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How Much is Invisalign at Green Leaf Dental?

Green Leaf Dental’s
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Average Invisalign Treatment





Initial consult, x-rays, photos and scan, Invisalign Clear Aligners, any necessary additional aligners, a single set of retainers, all Invisalign treatment visits

Initial consult, x-rays, goopy impressions, Invisalign Clear Aligners, additional Invisalign treatment visits




Total Price

Only $4,497


Flexible Financing

Find The Right Payment Option For You

We understand that your financial situation is just as unique as your smile! Choose from our variety of stress-free options to pay for your Invisalign treatment. 

  • Upfront Payment
  • Monthly Payments
  • Low Down Payment With In-Office Plan
  • Insurance Payment Sent to Us Instead of You
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Lower Costs, Brighter Smiles

Your insurance reimbursement can lower the cost of $3,997 even further. After your Invisalign consultation is complete, we’ll schedule you for a second appointment and collect a $500 fully-refundable deposit to lock in the discount. That deposit will be credited towards the full payment due at the second appointment.

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At Green Leaf Dental, we believe a beautiful new smile shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we’re excited to roll out our brand-new Invisalign special offer! It’s all in an effort to help you discover your best smile while keeping your budget in mind.

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How does Invisalign treatment work?

Invisalign treatment is easy and convenient, and allows you to live your life without interruptions. Once you work with our cosmetic dentists to determine that Invisalign is the right option for you, we’ll take a quick, non-invasive scan of your mouth in order to create your custom aligners. Once your aligners are made, you’ll come back to Green Leaf Dental to try them on and make sure that they fit perfectly. You’ll leave your appointment and start your treatment and your journey to the smile of your dreams!

How do I care for my clear aligners?

To keep your aligners clean and clear, rinse them regularly and brush them out gently twice each day. Take your aligners out when you eat and drink dark colored or sugary beverages, and put them back on as soon as possible. Keep aligners in their case when not worn to prevent damage. Your aligners will spend most of their time in your mouth, so maintaining good oral hygiene is a great way to keep your them clean, too. Following these instructions throughout your treatment will ensure the best results and your most confident smile.

How often do I need to wear my aligners?

Results are best if you keep aligners on from 20 to 22 hours per day. This allows patients enough time to get through their daily meals, but you should be prepared to wear them almost constantly. It's most imperative to wear them at night, since sleep is such a long stretch of time. Another best practice is to brush your teeth after your meals and before you put your aligners back in.

Each week, you'll change out your current aligners for your next set. And every four weeks, you'll see your Seattle dentists at Green Leaf Dental (virtually or in-office) to ensure you're progressing through the treatment. If you're wearing your aligners diligently, you'll stay on track with your treatment plan and achieve a perfectly aligned smile before you know it.

How Quickly Do Teeth Move With Invisalign?

Efficient and noticeable shifting of your teeth is dependent on your compliance with the Invisalign treatment. For Invisalign to work, you’ll wear your aligners for 20-22 hours a day, only removing them to clean your teeth and eat. How soon you notice changes will also depend on the severity of your alignment issues.

You will receive new aligners every 2 weeks. These aligners exert gentle pressure on your teeth to gradually move them into the correct position. The aligners will feel the tightest when you receive a new pair because they are further pushing on your teeth to move them even further. 

You may notice changes in your teeth and bite within 2-6 weeks, but this varies from person to person. Changes to minor crooked teeth may not be as noticeable as severe malocclusions. People also have different jaw structures, gum health, and genetics. 

However, from the very beginning, we will be able to use your teeth impressions to digitally map out your entire Invisalign treatment from start to finish so you will know exactly what to expect, how we will achieve it, and what your teeth will look like when treatment has been completed. Most cases take between 12-18 months to complete, but others may take as little as 6 months or as long as a few years.

I Am Currently Wearing Braces, Can I Switch to Invisalign?

Yes, it’s possible to switch from metal braces to Invisalign! This depends on each case and we will have to assess your specific orthodontic needs during a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate. If you are currently wearing metal braces, you should discuss this with your orthodontist. 

If you have a severe malocclusion, braces are still the most effective orthodontic treatment. You may need to continue wearing braces until this issue can be alleviated before making the switch. However, we may be able to shift your jaw into proper alignment with Invisalign attachments and elastics. 

There are many reasons why patients may want to make the switch from braces to Invisalign, including:

  • More hygienic treatment
  • Increased comfort
  • Restriction-free diet
  • No white spots
  • Less pain
  • Transparent aligners that go unnoticed
  • Removable aligners make it easier to clean teeth/remove food particles
Are There Restrictions On What I Can Eat While Wearing Them?

During your Invisalign treatment, you are free to eat and drink whatever you’d like. However, you must always remember to remove your aligners before consuming any food or liquids other than water. Food particles can get trapped in your aligners and cause bacterial growth and tooth decay. 

Food, coffee, and wine can also stain your aligners, and hot liquids can alter the mold of your aligners which will affect the amount of pressure they place on your teeth and hence your treatment. 

When the aligners are off, you can enjoy a restriction-free diet. Just remember to take your aligners out before eating or consuming hot liquids. Rinse out your aligners when taking them out and placing them back in. Don’t forget to brush and floss before putting the aligners back on!

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