Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club

If you are dealing with tooth alignment and bite issues, you might not need traditional metal braces to correct your smile.

Today, patients can straighten their teeth discreetly with clear aligners. They can be just as effective as braces but provide a much more convenient treatment. 

There are several options for clear aligners on the market. In this short article, you can discover the difference between two popular choices: Invisalign and Smile Direct Club. 

Keep reading to find out which one is right for you! 

How Invisalign and Smile Direct Club Work 

Both Invisalign and Smile Direct Club have the same foundation for straightening your smile. 

They rely on scans of your teeth to create a set of clear aligners, which you need to wear daily for around 20–22 hours. The trays put pressure on your teeth and slowly move them to a more optimal placement, effectively correcting your alignment. 

However, there are several differences between these two treatments to consider. 

3 Differences Between Invisalign and Smile Direct

The two cosmetic treatments have some fundamental differences that can affect the patient’s experience:

1. Treatment Potential

Both Invisalign and Smile Direct Club can work well on minor to moderate cases of misalignments, while severe cases may still require traditional metal braces. 

Still, Invisalign may be more effective for moderate cases of misalignments than SMC, as the treatment is supervised by a professional (more on this later).

2. Cost

Smile Direct Club is more affordable than Invisalign, which could be very appealing to a lot of patients. The cost is lower simply because most of the treatment is monitored remotely.

3. Supervision 

Invisalign will involve routine visits to the dentist for progress monitoring. This allows them to adjust your treatment as needed, ensuring you get the best results.

With Smile Direct Club, you follow your treatment at home and connect with an approved professional remotely. While the process is still supervised, remote supervision isn’t as exact as in-person. 

Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club: Making the Right Choice

Choosing between Invisalign and Smile Direct Club should come down to a few key factors:

  • Alignment issues: Which clear aligner is best at addressing your specific case?
  • Treatment model: Are you comfortable following the treatment remotely or prefer to be more closely monitored by a professional?
  • Compliance: With both clear aligners, patients have to commit to wearing them daily, for at least 20–22 hours. Failing to do so can affect the treatment for both types of trays.
  • Support: It’s easier to get in touch with your dentist than an SMC expert when you’re dealing with certain issues, such as the aligners not tracking.

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