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Dear Green Leaf Family,

The last two months have been very challenging on multiple levels for many of us. From parents becoming teachers at home with their children to navigating layoffs and furloughs, we have all been stretching in new ways. At Greenleaf Dental we have utilized this time to create a risk-free environment for you and our staff. We will be reopening our doors for regular hygiene and restorative procedures next Monday, May 18 2020. To help us navigate our new protocols and procedures, we have adjusted our office hours and suspended evening hours until further notice. We are now available Mondays-Fridays 7:30am – 4pm, Wednesdays by phone only.

While we have always taken great pride in keeping a safe, clean, and next-level environment, we want you to know how seriously we are taking concerns with COVID-19 by highlighting some NEW and existing office features that will be keeping our staff and patients safe. Outlined below are some of our protocols, most of which have been a part of our philosophy from day one.

Our office has:
- Separate Treatment Rooms (rather than partial dividers like many other dental offices) for added privacy and safety
- An In-office air filtration system
- High-volume suction used for ALL procedural dentistry (much of the time with a custom-fitting mouth-piece suction) that helps reduce aerosols by up to 98%
- METICULOUS disinfection protocol and sterilization system
- A schedule built around patient needs, space, and safety; not profit and production.

Please note: First appointments of the day will be reserved for our elderly, medically vulnerable, and high-risk patients to limit their contact with other office traffic and provide them with an added layer of protection during this time.

What’s New?
- Local HEPA-filter air purification units for all operatories and common spaces
- Adding High-volume suction to ALL aerosol-producing hygiene procedures
- Pre-appointment screening for all patient appointments (for cold and flu symptoms)
- All patients will be provided with a Hydrogen Peroxide Pre-procedural rinse to lower antimicrobial (viral and bacterial) load
- Temperature checks for all patients and staff upon entry to the office. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms with or without a fever will need to be rescheduled at least 2 weeks from that time.
- REQUIRED ON-TIME ARRIVAL FOR ALL PATIENTS. A staggered appointment model is being followed to ensure safety for yourself as well as our other patients.

With the added costs and uncertainty affecting dental practices due to COVID-19 we know that many of our colleagues have chosen to assess an additional “PPE fee” to their patients. We know that these times have been difficult for us all and, as of now, have evaluated and chosen NOT to assess a similar fee in our office.

Here, at Green Leaf Dental, our patients are our family. All of these protocols have been carefully mapped out with each of you in mind and we want you to know that we are here for you and we want to hear from you. While we are anticipating having you in our office again, we would really appreciate your feedback on our new plans so if you can spare 4 minutes of your time to fill out the survey below, we would really appreciate it.

Green Leaf Dental/COVID-19 Patient Survey

Thank you for your extended patience with us while we try to navigate this “new normal” and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this time. We’ve missed you and can’t wait to see you all again!


Dr. Yoni
Dr. Bean
& your Green Leaf Dental Family

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