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Both Dr. Yoni and Dr. Bean play an active role in helping their community, and they want Green Leaf Dental to be a resource for dental health education and wellness. As part of their commitment to supporting Seattle, they have both dedicated their time and talent to the Friendship Circle of Washington for years.

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Friendship Circle is a non-profit that provides therapeutic and social support for families in Seattle with special needs. Staff and volunteers at the organization work to bridge the gap between special needs and typical youth through shared experience and friendship, empowering youth with special needs to live productive and independent adult lives. Through their wide range of programs, like Teen Scene, Birthday Club, and Mom’s Night Out, Friendship Circle assists with the various challenges and needs of families with special needs.

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Dr. Yoni and Dr. Bean first connected with Friendship Circle several years ago. Since starting their own practice, they’ve dedicated more of their time and talent to the non-profit’s vision and mission. As part of this partnership, Green Leaf Dental will provide scholarships for members of Friendship Circle, making it possible for all families to participate in these programs. Dr. Yoni and Dr. Bean will also lead first aid and CPR classes for families with special needs, and host annual courses about healthy diet and hygiene. To help raise awareness and encourage support, our surgical suite is dedicated to Friendship Circle.

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If you want to learn more about Friendship Circle or our partnership? Call the friendly Green Leaf Dental team today at (206) 316-2351! We love to inspire patients to get involved in the community, and we want to foster an environment of genuine compassion and care.

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