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A pulpotomy is a less invasive treatment than a root canal
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Pulpotomies eliminate inflammation, pain, and infected tissue in the tooth
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A pulpotomy can prevent the spread of the infection and tooth loss
What is a Pulpotomy? 

A pulpotomy is a ‘baby root canal’ or a minimally invasive restorative treatment used to restore an infected baby tooth to health. When the infection is concentrated solely in the crown portion of the tooth, we can treat it with a pulpotomy. 

Once it has spread to the roots, a pulpotomy will no longer be viable and you will need a root canal treatment. After numbing your child’s mouth, we will drill an access hole into the pulp chamber and scrape out the infected pulp tissue from the crown of the tooth but we will leave the roots intact. 

A medicated filling will be used to replace the missing pulp and to kill any remaining bacteria to protect the tooth’s roots from reinfection. Then, the access hole will be sealed. Your child may also need a pediatric crown to protect the tooth from damage.

What Are the Benefits of Pulpotomies? 

A pulpotomy is much less invasive than a root canal so when an infection is caught early enough, we can preserve more of the natural tooth structure which is important in children whose teeth are still developing. 

The procedure is painless and straightforward but will restore the health of your child’s tooth to prevent the need for more invasive treatment. An untreated infection can lead to tooth loss which can cause a whole host of other problems like bone loss. 

Your child’s baby teeth are very important in maintaining space and guiding the eruption of the permanent tooth so you must prevent premature tooth loss in your child. Infections can be very painful because they cause inflammation in the tooth’s nerves. 

A pulpotomy will stop the pain by removing the source of the infection. Ultimately, you will save a lot of time and money by treating an infection early with a pulpotomy than you would if you waited for the infection to worsen and possibly lose a tooth.

How Does a Tooth Become Infected?

A tooth becomes infected when bacteria enters the tooth’s inside layer known as the dental pulp through untreated tooth decay that has progressed through the tooth or through a crack in the tooth that has exposed the tooth’s root. 

Dental trauma can also cause inflammation in the inside of the tooth which causes an infection. The telltale signs of a tooth infection are swelling and an abscess in the gums next to the affected tooth. If you notice these signs, you should contact us right away for a dental emergency. You can prevent a tooth infection by practicing good oral hygiene, attending regular dental cleanings, and protecting your teeth from injuries by wearing a mouthguard when playing contact sports.

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