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Benefits of veneer

At Green leaf dental

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Dental veneers can correct just about any cosmetic issue with your smile including chips in your teeth, gaps in your smile, uneven or misshapen teeth, stained teeth, and more
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With a 15+ year lifespan and stain-resistant design, your veneers will last for years to come, and keep your smile beautiful
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Your veneers will look and feel completely natural, and require no special care beyond routine brushing and flossing and regular six-month visits with your dentist in Seattle
what are veneers?

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are carved into the shape of perfect, natural teeth by a dental lab. They are designed to fit perfectly over your existing teeth, and are permanently bonded to your natural enamel after it has been trimmed by one of the dentists at Green Leaf Dental. 

With a set of veneers, you can completely cover up the fronts of your teeth to address a variety of cosmetic dental issues including seriously stained teeth, misshapen teeth, minor tooth chips, gaps in your smile, and more. With veneers, you can transform your smile in just 2 appointments over a period of 2-3 weeks.

What Can I Expect From The Veneer Placement Process?

The process of building and placing your veneers will take 2 appointments after your initial consultation and approval at Green Leaf Family Dental. To begin the process, you’ll come to our office to have your teeth prepared by one of our dentists.

During this appointment, your mouth will be cleaned and numbed, and a layer of tooth material will be trimmed away from the teeth that are getting veneers, in order to make room for your new cosmetic prostheses. Once this is done, our team will take images and impressions of your teeth. These will be sent to a dental lab.

You will get a set of temporary resin veneers to wear for 2-3 weeks as your permanent veneers are built by our partner dental lab. Once your veneers have been built and have arrived at our office, you’ll come in for your final appointment.

At this appointment, your dentist will check the fit of your veneers to make sure they look great and fit perfectly into your mouth. Then, they will be permanently bonded into place, and you’ll be sent home to enjoy your new, beautiful smile.

am i a good candidate for veneers?

You are likely a good candidate for veneers at Green Leaf Dental as long as your mouth is healthy and it’s free of any major issues like gum disease or tooth decay. If you do have any chronic oral health problems, these must be resolved with appropriate treatment before you can get veneers or undergo any other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

This is also true of patients with orthodontic issues. If you have crooked or crowded teeth or a bad bite, you may need to get treatment with Invisalign or braces before you can get veneers, depending on the severity of your condition. To find out if you’re a good candidate for veneers, just contact Green Leaf Dental for an appointment with one of our Seattle dentists.

What Cosmetic Issues Can Veneers Treat?

Veneers treat cosmetic imperfections such as discoloration, gaps, crooked teeth, and minor damage such as chips & cracks. They can also alter the size and shape of your teeth if you are unhappy with them. Many patients cover up sharp incisors, also known as ‘vampire’ teeth. 

Other common problems include covering small teeth with larger veneers so that your smile really pops, and creating a more uniform smile by placing veneers over teeth that are uneven or jagged.

Discoloration - We are constantly introducing stains to our teeth when we consume foods and drinks that contain tannins or chromogens. These can be found in tea, coffee, red wine, and highly pigmented foods. While teeth whitening and cleanings can produce marginal results for a short amount of time, veneers will leave you with a permanently whitened smile that is stain-resistant for up to 15 years.

Orthodontic Problems - As long as you don’t have severe malocclusions like a misaligned bite or severely crooked teeth, veneers can cover up slightly crooked teeth and small gaps. These problems are minor enough to go untreated but veneers will improve the aesthetics of your smile by giving you perfectly spaced straight teeth.

Small & Awkwardly Shaped Teeth - Whether you wish you had longer, larger teeth or you want to cover up teeth that are too sharp or awkwardly shaped, veneers are the best tool for you to achieve this. Tooth contouring and dental bonding can alter the size and shape of your teeth but it doesn’t last as long and is prone to chipping.

Minor Damage - Eroded enamel can leave your teeth weakened while chips and cracks are an unsightly distraction from the harmony of your smile. Veneers will cosmetically improve minor damage while also protecting them from breakage.

How Long Do Veneers Last?

Veneers have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years but can last even longer if properly cared for. However, they can also become damaged sooner than this estimated lifespan if you aren’t careful.

You need to protect your veneers from chips and cracks by reducing wear and tear. Veneers are placed on the front six teeth and none of these teeth are molars so you should not be using these teeth to chew your food.

When you do eat, you should avoid excessively hard, crunchy, and sticky foods which can damage your veneers. It’s also important to avoid using your teeth as tools. Your veneer bonded teeth should not be used to open packages, chew on your nails, or chew on ice.

Can Veneers Be Whitened?

Even though porcelain is stain-resistant, if you are constantly introducing stains to your veneers, they can become discolored over time. However, veneers can’t be whitened as your natural teeth can, so if your veneers become stained, you’ll be left with permanently discolored veneers or will need to get them replaced.

This is why you should avoid excessive consumption of highly pigmented foods and drinks, especially tea, coffee, soda, red wine, berries, and dark sauces. You should avoid smoking and tobacco products which can also cause discoloration.

You should attend regular dental cleanings every 6 months, as these can remove surface stains from your veneers. However, more severe staining cannot be reversed with teeth whitening because those treatments only work on real tooth enamel.

You can prevent staining by sipping through a straw, rinsing your mouth out after eating or drinking, and by regularly brushing and flossing. If you’re interested in veneers or want to get them cleaned, contact us at Green Leaf Dental to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yoni or Dr. Bean.

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