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Smile makeovers for kids in seattle

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A smile makeover involves cosmetic and restorative procedures to improve your child’s smile and bite
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Dr. Yoni specialize in kid's dentistry and can help with the most complex smile makeovers
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We use a gentle approach, offer sedation dentistry for kids, and have years of experience working with special needs patients
What Is A Smile Makeover?

As the name suggests, a smile makeover is a set of treatments designed to completely restore your child’s smile and bite, and enhance their appearance. Typically, this involves both cosmetic treatments like veneers, as well as restorative treatments like dental implants, root canal therapy, and dental crowns. 

With a smile makeover from Green Leaf Dental, your child will be able to smile proudly and enjoy the benefits of a picture-perfect smile as they grow up and mature.

Why Would My Child Need A Smile Makeover?

Kids get smile makeovers less frequently than adults, because they are less susceptible to tooth loss and gum disease. However, there are still some circumstances in which a child may need treatment to restore missing or damaged teeth.

For example, a child may need a smile makeover due to congenital birth defects like enamel hypoplasia. This defect causes the teeth to be formed improperly, and also results in weak or small teeth. This is quite rare, affecting about 1 in 14,000 children. If your child has been affected by enamel hypoplasia, treatments like dental crowns can be used to cover up and protect the teeth, and restore your child’s smile. 

Another common situation is if a child damages one or more of their teeth while playing, participating in a contact sport, in a car accident, or due to any other type of accident. Serious dental trauma can break and damage multiple teeth, including both adult and baby teeth depending on your child’s age. Tooth loss can even result from serious dental trauma, requiring the replacement of missing teeth with dental implants.

At Green Leaf Dental, we can develop a smile makeover plan that fits your child’s needs, your budget, and your preferences, and make sure they get the care they need to smile proudly once again.

What’s Involved In A Smile Makeover?

The process begins with a consultation at Green Leaf Dental with our children's dentist. Each child is different, and it’s important for us to get a comprehensive understanding of your little one’s oral health issues and challenges.

After your little one’s consultation, we’ll discuss their options with you, and begin developing a smile makeover plan. This could include dental bonding or veneers for chipped teeth, dental crowns for damaged teeth, or dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth. 

Once you’ve approved your child’s smile makeover plan, you’ll continue bringing them in for treatment until their smile makeover is complete. Again, this could take several weeks, months, or longer, depending on your child’s specific case.

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