Sedation Series #4: Is It Safe? What You Need To Know About Sedation Safety

In this blog in our sedation series, we’ll discuss a topic that parents often bring up when we discuss sedation at Green Leaf Dental; the safety of sedation dentistry. Is sedation safe for your little one, and what steps do Dr. Yoni and Dr. Bean take to ensure they can be sedated safely? Let’s explore this subject in detail now.

All Forms Of Sedation Dentistry Are Extremely Safe – Significant Side Effects Are Rare

First, let’s start by discussing the overall safety of sedation dentistry. One study of sedation dentistry safety found that, since 1955, 218 patients out of almost 71.5 million died as a result of sedation dentistry. This is an extremely low number, and shows how safe sedation dentistry really is. 

By way of comparison, a patient is about as likely to experience serious side effects from sedation dentistry as they are of being struck by lightning – the odds are more than 1 in 320,000! 

This is because the sedation methods used by dentists have been in use for decades, and dentists know how to administer the right amount of sedation to keep you safe and comfortable without risking any kind of slide effects.

Dr. Geoffrey Bean Has Decades Of Sedation Experience For Patients Of All Ages

Sedation dentistry is already very safe, but Dr. Geoffrey Bean’s experience in sedation dentistry gives you even more peace of mind at Green Leaf Dental. Dr. Bean is a Diplomat in the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists, and even teaches sedation dentistry and airway management at the University of Washington Dental School.

He has provided safe sedation for more than 4,000 patients during his career, and is always doing his best to improve his knowledge of modern sedation dentistry techniques to provide kids and adults alike with safe sedation dentistry in Seattle. 

We’ll Discuss Your Child’s Health History & Other Information Before Their Appointment

This is an important safety step. There are certain health conditions, medications, or supplements that Dr. Bean will need to know about before your child can be sedated. 

Dr. Bean will consult with you and your child to discuss their health and any medical conditions they may have, as well as other details that he will need to understand to recommend the proper method of sedation at Green Leaf Dental. 

Your Child Will Be Closely Monitored During Their Dental Appointment 

Even though sedation dentistry is safe, we make sure to administer sedation in an attentive environment.

Throughout the sedation process, Dr. Bean and our Seattle dental team will keep an eye on your child’s vital signs to make sure that everything is proceeding smoothly throughout their dental procedure. 

In the extremely rare event that there is an issue, our team will be standing by to take the necessary action to protect your child. 

Come To Green Leaf Dental For Expert Sedation Dentistry In Seattle

We take every possible step to keep your child safe throughout the sedation process, whether they need nitrous oxide sedation to help them feel more comfortable, or require general anesthesia for a complex dental procedure. If you have more questions or are ready to get started, please call us at (206) 316-2351 or contact us online. Dr. Yoni and Dr. Bean are always accepting new patients in Beacon Hill, Seward Park, Columbia City, and Rainier Valley.

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