Children’s Dental Health Month: All About Sedation Dentistry For Kids!

February is Children’s Dental Health Month, and the team at Green Leaf Dental wants to answer some of your common questions about pediatric care and oral hygiene. For many children, dental appointments can be intimidating, and parents ask us often about sedation dentistry. Sedation can make dental visits comfortable and more enjoyable for both you and your child. Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions pediatric dental sedation:

What Are My Child’s Sedation Options?

For minor cases of dental anxiety, we usually recommend minimal inhaled sedation, also known as “laughing gas”. This sedative is administered with a nose mask and makes your child feel giddy and happy. Laughing gas has no significant side effects and wears off quickly after your child’s appointment, so it’s safe for kids of any age.

If your child needs a more powerful option, we can administer a liquid oral sedative, which will make them feel very sleepy. They may not even remember the procedure afterward.

Is It Safe To Have My Child Sedated At The Dentist?

Yes!. Dr. Bean and Dr. Yoni are both experienced sedation dentists. Our options are very safe, no matter what type of sedative you choose. We’ll make sure that your child is totally comfortable, and ensure that they get the proper dosage to keep them calm and carefree during their appointment.

Why Would My Child Need To Be Sedated?

Some kids get very nervous when they go to the dentist, so sedation is often used to keep anxious pediatric patients calm and comfortable. Sedation can also help your child stay more comfortable if they need to sit still in the dentist’s chair for a longer period of time. Sedation may also be recommended if your child fears needles to help the numbing process go more smoothly, or if your child has an extremely strong gag reflex.  

Does My Insurance Cover Dental Sedation?

In many cases, yes! However, this depends on your plan coverage and a number of other factors. We recommend consulting with your plan administrator for more information. We do our best to keep all of our treatments within your budget, and we offer resources to ensure that our care is affordable for all families!

Sedation Dentistry For Kids  

If you have more questions about sedation options for your child, call us today to speak with Dr. Yoni or Dr. Bean and learn how we can keep your little one comfortable during their next appointment. Contact us now at (206) 316-2351, or come to our office near Seward Park, Rainier Valley, Columbia City, and Beacon Hill. You can find us at 4219 S Othello Street, #105-D&E, Seattle, WA 98118.

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