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Dental emergencies can interrupt your normal life, and cause serious pain and suffering. Whether you suffer tooth damage from an accident, or a filling or crown is pulled out while eating, you need to get treatment from an emergency dentist quickly in order to save your tooth and maintain positive oral health.

At Green Leaf Dental, Dr. Yoni and Dr. Bean are experienced emergency dentists. We’re always taking on new patients, and we have plenty of flexibility in our schedule to take emergency appointments.  

What Counts As A Dental Emergency?

We use a simple standard to determine what counts as a dental emergency. Simply put, if you are experiencing any kind of pain and discomfort from a dental problem, and it’s not something you can treat on your own, this qualifies as a dental emergency.

One example of this would be a loose tooth caused by an impact injury, but other issues such as toothaches, periodontal disease, and even a missing or loose crown can count as dental emergencies.

When Should I Schedule My Emergency Dental Appointment?

You should schedule an emergency appointment as soon as you experience a dental emergency. For issues like loose teeth and knocked-out teeth, immediate treatment is the best way to ensure that the tooth can be replaced and saved.

Call Green Leaf Dental right away if you think you are experiencing a dental emergency. Ideally, you should get treatment within 1-12 hours to ensure the best results with minimal pain and suffering.

What Should I Do After I Schedule An Appointment?  

If you’ve lost a tooth or a filling/crown, you should recover it, rinse it with water, and place it in a baggie or container of milk.

Next, treat bleeding by using gauze or clean cotton balls. Inflammation and pain can be reduced by applying ice packs externally, or taking NSAID pain relievers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Do not take aspirin, as it can thin the blood and prevent proper clotting.

Mitigate bleeding and pain, and come in for your emergency dentist appointment as soon as possible for treatment.

Can You See Me Today For My Dental Emergency?

In most cases, yes! We are always taking on new patients and we have quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to our scheduling. We always keep slots open for emergency patients, so that we can help you get the dental care that you need.

In addition, we can even offer after-hours or weekend appointments for emergency patients, if the issue is severe and requires immediate treatment, like an avulsed (knocked-out) tooth.

We can treat emergencies among patients of all ages. We specialize in both dentistry for kids and general dentistry, so we’re here to help you and your entire family.

Contact Us Now To Schedule An Emergency Appointment!

Whether you are experiencing a dental emergency now, or you just need a dentist who can help you in case you do suffer an oral injury in the future, Green Leaf Dental is the best choice whether you’re in Columbia City, Beacon Hill, Seward Park, or Rainier Valley.

Contact us today at (206) 316-2351, or come to our practice at 4219 S Othello Street, #105-D&E, Seattle, WA 98118 for an emergency walk-in appointment, and get the treatment you need to get your life back to normal.

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