Dental Care For Special Needs Children

If your child has specific requirements for their dental care and you are wondering how you can accommodate their needs, then you've come to the right place. 

Why Dental Care Is Important for Everyone 

Dental care is important for everyone, but children with special needs may require more attention when it comes to their oral health not only because of what each one might experience, but also when it comes to the medications they have to take. 

Some might need to take a treatment with medications high in sugar and they might experience trouble eating or have an oral sensitivity. 

And while for parents, with all the care they have to follow up with, dental health might come last, it is important to remind them that dental care is part not only of good oral health but also part of overall optimal health. 

Dental Care for Special Needs Kids

It is also possible that children with special needs might be more sensitive to developing dental problems that will need to be treated promptly to avoid any other complications. Talking to a professional that can guide you and meet your child’s needs is essential and that's why we are here for and ready to assist you with whatever you may need when it comes to special needs dentistry

Children with special needs may experience chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions. 

Due to their conditions, they can have certain limitations to perform daily activities, develop certain habits or understand certain concepts. They require extensive care from both their families and their doctors.

Genetic disorders can alter the development of a child, including their teeth. They can either start erupting much later or grow malformed. They can have extra teeth growing or missing teeth. All these dental issues need to be addressed by a professional. 

How We Can Help

In our practice, Dr. Yonatan Ahdut (Dr. Yoni)  and Dr. Geoffrey Bean (Dr. Bean) have extensive experience in treating special needs patients. Our practice understands and offers different sedation options in a safe environment to accommodate each special patient. 

But, before anything, we focus on understanding each patient’s needs and create a treatment plan according to each person's medical history, needs, and preferences. Our personalized care is what helps our patients feel comfortable and safe with us.

When we first meet our patients, we sit down and discuss the child’s health history, their special needs, and any other aspect we need to consider. We then use that information to create a treatment plan that will help the child complete it successfully and with ease. 

At Green Leaf Dental, you will find a relaxed environment for all our patients, including special needs patients. We have dedicated spaces both for our adult and children patients and offer a wide range of services to cover every dental need you might have. 

Contact us today and let us know how we can help, what your needs are and what your goals are. Our dentists in Seattle are here to offer solutions in a very welcoming and professional environment.

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